by Luca Trovellesi Cesana and Alessandro Tarabelli

The movie

A Sydonia Film Production

Duration    :    115 minutes
Specifications    :    16:9 - Color - Stereo Audio
Genre    :    Comedy
Contacts    :
Press office    : filmcriminalisidiventa
Locations    :    Fano - Fermo - Civitanova - Ancona

Subject: Luca Trovellesi Cesana
Script: Giorgio Vignali
Directed by: Luca Trovellesi Cesana e Alessandro Tarabelli

Assistant Director: Henry Secchiaroli
Director of Production: Andrea Antolini
Photography: Diego Morresi
Set design: Lodovico Gennaro
Makeup and Hair supervisor: Roberto Acquaroli
Head makeup artist: Mara Del Grosso
Head costume designer: Camilla Melelli

A Made in Marche production, "Criminali si diventa" is a comedy directed by Luca Trovellesi Cesana and Alessandro Tarabelli, scripted by Giorgio Vignali. The plot revolves around the theft of a priceless artwork. It will be necessary to form a group with all the appropriate "skills" to carry out the heist, before putting into practice the (almost) perfect plan to steal the precious painting.


On the release of Elio from prison, author of the historic 1979 art theft at the National Art Gallery of Marche, the Swiss, a well-known arm dealer, contacts Elettra, Enzo's niece and his only relative, asking her to persuade her uncle to repeat the heist in exchange for a pile of money. Elettra accepts, also because her completely innocent family paid a heavy price for that theft. The young girl, who grew up with her uncle's myth, feels a strong spirit of revenge against society and the authorities that have done nothing to protect her parents from the stigma gained because of other people' actions. Enzo, however, has no intention of going back down that criminal path, despite Elettra's pressure and a strong sense of defiance that he still feels alive within him.

At the same time, the prosecutor Ilaria del Capo, daughter of the magistrate who sentenced Enzo, is worried that the thief might repeat the heist and asks the Carabinieri’s Captain of Fermo to have the offender tailed, just in case. Thanks to his distrust of the law and the pressure from Elettra, who desperately wants to "avenge" her parents, Elio finally gives in and agrees to become Elettra's advisor, to whom he entrusts the task of organizing the heist: to steal once again Raphael's painting La Muta from the Museum of Fermo, during its exhibition tour within the region. Elettra, not at all frightened by the unexpected mission, enlists some student friends from University: Al, a Tamil Indian who is a hacker; Pancho, called Ossario because of his disconcerting thinness, a Spanish student who dreams of becoming a Bonnie&Clyde-style gangster; Rodrigo, a handsome student who is always on the hunt for money; and Arduino, a genius creator of merchandising objects and in love with marijuana, therefore nicknamed Baker.

To this improvised team, Enzo suggests adding Duilio, his accomplice in the 1979 robbery, a great mastermind and now a priest with the name of Father Francesco. Elettra contacts the priest, who has abandoned his criminal habits to embrace his calling, that of helping the invisible. Once again, Elettra must work on a convincing challenge. The team starts planning the heist in every detail. Duilio carries out many inspections with his homeless friends, while Al studies the surveillance plans of the Museum, the timing, and the ways to get inside, stay hidden and replace Raphael's painting to get out without a scratch. At Duilio's suggestion, Elettra contacts Duffy, an expert forger who will work to make a perfect copy of La Muta that can withstand scientific analysis. After several days of research, the only possible place to hide someone inside the Museum is found: a bench designated for visitors. However,it is very narrow, only a very thin person could manage to hide inside, which would be perfect for Ossario. Another possible obstacle is Sabina, the Museum's head of surveillance, avery smart and dangerous woman, but single. A perfect prey for Rodrigo, the heartbreaker. In the meantime, Enzo begins to carry out activities that are apparently meaningless, and in fact dangerous because they make the prosecutor Ilaria and the Captain of the Carabinieri even more suspicious. Instead, they aim at misleading the Prosecutor's Office and obtaining important information about the Swiss and his financier Michael Lai, a wealthy Chinese art collector.

Thanks to Al's hacking skills, who manages to manipulate the Museum's security systems, to Duffy's meticulous work of forgery, to the collaboration of the homeless and Duilio, to Arduino's genius and Rodrigo's charm, the plan is put into action. Despite all the unexpected events and surprises that chance throws their way, which are solved with incredible creativity and improvisation by the team, the unlikely La Muta-gang manages to pull off the heist... but not quite to the end. Even the most perfect plans, even themost excellent skills can be turned upside down by one detail, one mishap that thwarts the most careful efforts and caution. The heist fails within an inch of its success, and unfortunately the team has not foreseen a plan B. Elettra will instantly think of one, turning the theft into a scam without looting the Museum and, interestingly, without even breaking the law if this idea remains valid: "Stealing from thieves is not theft!"


Sydonia Production was born from the experience and passion of a team of professionals in the audiovisual and documentary field, led by director Luca Trovellesi Cesana. Specialized in documentary and docu-fiction production, it places itself in the international television market with products of prestige and global reach, awarded in worldwide exhibitions and festivals. The constant presence to the main fairs of the audiovisual market (eg. Mip TV and Mip COM in Cannes) enriches the expertise of the company that has developed a branch of international distribution of documentaries, TV shows and animation: Sydonia Entertainment. Discovery Channel, The History Channel, RAI, and ARTE are among the networks with whom Sydonia has been collaborating in the last few years.

In 2015 Luca Trovellesi Cesana has founded a new branch of Sydonia Production with headquarters in Erbil, Kurdistan (north Iraq), managed by Trovellesi’s partner Darwin Ways, CEO. From this branch the Sydonia team is developing new ambitious projects for the whole Middle East territory (documentaries, formats, game shows, tv channels, etc.). An international commitment which has enabled the Sydonia team to acquire a high-level know-how and professionalism in order to be able to take on new and exciting challenges and further expand its horizons.


Luca Trovellesi Cesana

Author and director of documentaries, films, and television formats on topics such as art, archaeology, history, religion, science, social issues since 2000. Specialized in the genre of docufiction, he has produced successful programs for Italian and international networks.

In 2010, he actively worked with the company Studio3TV in Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, for 6 years producing TV formats, documentaries and advised the Argentine Government for the creation of a new Television Channel. Since 2015 he opened a Branch of Sydonia Production in Kurdistan, based in Erbil, with his local partner Darwin Ways for the Middle East market. His productions have been awarded at numerous festivals, including the "EBE Awards" in Nevada and "A Film for Peace" at the Venice Film Festival.

With his production company Sydonia Production, he is currently developing international co-productions to produce new projects, participating in the most important film and television markets (Miptv, Mipcom, Mia, ...).

Alessandro Tarabelli

Arts Diploma, obtained in 1998 at the G. Cantalamessa State Institute of Art in Macerata, the graduated from the International School of Comics.

In 2010, he was one of the founders of Costess New Media, a section of the cooperative expressly dedicated to video and new media productions, with a predominantly social vocation, documentaries, video reportage, promotional and awareness spots on social issues.

In 2015, he founded Subwaylab a production company based in Jesi (AN), for which he directs, together with Andrea Antolini and Diego Morresi, several Short Films, VideoClips, Web Series and Documentaries. Over the years, in addition to directing, he has been involved in writing and post-production for both Subwaylab-branded productions and productions in partnership with other television and film companies. His productions have been awarded at various festivals, including Cortinametraggio, Split Festival, Cinque Terre Film Festival.


Giorgio Vignali

Popular actor of the 80's; assistant director between the 80's and 90's; historical author of revolutionary TV programs that changed the history of Italian television; director of dozens and dozens of short movies for the Italian and American Saturday Night Live; scriptwriter; author and director of over 470 episodes of the most important and popular Italian situation comedies; director and creative director for over 120 commercials and advertising video clips; creator of 3 TV series currently in development with international co-producers such as India, Hong Kong, UK, Russia, Ukraine and USA.

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